Course Outline

  • Course Objective: This short course is designed to provide a self-paced training experience with all of the basic features of Mathematica that students commonly use.
  • Target Audience: The course is for students who currently have little or no experience with Mathematica. However, students should have some experience with college level mathematics.
  • Delivery Type: The course is delivered as a set of screen casts (videos) with accompanying electronic notebooks. Course topics are presented with alternating sessions of lectures and exercises. You are expected to watch the screen cast, read and work through the notebooks and then work on exercises provided at the end of each notebook.
  • Course Materials: Each attendee will be provided with access to the course materials in Mathematica notebook format on ECC computers. All work can be completed on select computers in the T105 computer laboratory, or if a student wishes, both Mathematica and the M10 course materials can be purchased on Wolfram's website which will allow students to work on their own machines.
  • Prerequisites: Course attendees are expected to have experience with common features of modern computer software and have college level mathematical skills.

Syllabus—This course is organized into five topics:
  1. Introduction: Step by step instruction on performing basic operations, building up computations, and navigating the user interface, as well as a description of how to navigate and take full advantage of the documentation system
  2. Visualization and Graphics: Two- and three-dimensional plotting, plotting data, using options, and creating dynamic and interactive graphics
  3. Math and Science: Introduction to computation, including polynomial operations, solving equations, functions from calculus, and simplification
  4. Programming: Introduction to the Mathematica programming language, with emphasis on familiar programming tasks involving procedural, functional, and rule-based styles of programming
  5. Working with Data: Importing and exporting data and external files, and instruction on working with Mathematica's built-in computable data sources
For those students who have never used Mathematica it is suggested that you watch the following screencast before starting the M10 course.
Now, you're ready to start watching the M10 videos which are available on select computers in the T105 lab. Bring your headphones! If you're having trouble, you can contact (see right sidebar) Lei Shi. Also, if you prefer working at home you can purchase both Mathematica and the M10 courseware on the Wolfram website. Do each video and assignment (see right sidebar) in the order presented, and please contact us (see right sidebar) if you have any questions or concerns.


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